5S System at Silver Star

5S organization is essential for efficient production flow. Silver Star manufactures hundreds of retail store fixtures and dozens of store interiors for retail environments every month. In order to move all of these projects through our production floor with quick lead times we cultivate a lean manufacturing “5S” environment.

  1. SORT – All unused components, parts and raw materials are moved to a “Red Tag” pending area. All unused tools and shop supply are returned to inventory.
  2. SHINE or SWEEP – Clean and repair all remaining pieces, tools, equipment, etc.
  3. SET IN ORDER – A place for everything and everything in its place. Tool shadows, Kaizen Foam, outlined pegboard, etc.
  4. STANDARDIZE – Every space on the shop floor is accounted for. Every tool has a job. Every part has an upcoming ship date. Everything has a place.
  5. SUSTAIN – Daily 5S maintenance, accountability, and ownership.

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