Retail Cabinets; From Millwork to Metal Fabrication

Retail Cabinets and Custom Millwork

Woodworking and Millwork are at the heart of Silver Star Industries. The company was started in the early 80s, completing simple projects; planing, shaping, sanding, assembling, and staining for banks and retail environments.


Metal Fabrication

Although Silver Star Industries began as a millwork company, it has expanded into a full scale supply chain featuring metal fabrication, acrylic fabrication, powder coating, CNC lasering, finishwork, and all sorts of manufacturing process.


Our team of project managers have happily incorporated engineering metal parts and components to create an impressive process from bid to bill. In this day and age, retail cabinets not only require custom millwork, but also metal fabrication. Many millwork companies must outsource their metal components, creating long lead time and less dependability. Silver Star Industries is able to quickly provide and support our customers with in house delivery of metal components for retail cabinets.

We are always excited for any challenging retail project that comes our way, whether store interior package or retail cabinet rollout. We not only offer expertise in metal fabrication and custom millwork; we also masterfully bring these two important production environments together efficiently through top of the line computer aided design.