Our line of custom manufactured LED edge lit light panels can be used in a great many retail applications. From Product back-lighting, shelf lighting, or custom film graphics back-lighting needs, these light panels are sure to draw attention.

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Using our same edge lit LED technology, these light panels feature high brightness and low power consumption. The use of a unique acrylic diffusion panel creates a more even brightness across entire graphic surface without shadowing or bright and dim spots.


– Single or double edge lit
– Output brightness range: between 1200-7000 Lux (based on panel width and number of edges lit)
– Up to 50,000 hr life span
– 6mm or 8mm panel construction
– Rigid styrene backing
– 12vdc 2.1mm input power connection standard
– 12vdc wall adaptor power supply available
– Optional milk white diffusion panel available
– Custom sizes up to 52” x 100”
– UL Listed Certification File #E480375

LED Color:*

– 3500k-4000k Warm White
– 4000k-4500k Natural White
– 5500k-6000k Cool White

*Color does not affect Price


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Typical Specifications

Material Cast Acrylic
Acrylic Thickness 6mm, 8mm
LED Color 3500k, 4000k, 6000k
LED Life <50,000 hrs
Input Voltage 12VDC
Power Consumption ~4w P/Ft (per edges lit)
Use Indoor, Dry Locations
Warranty 1 Year Limited


Panel Profile



Light Panel Overview
Light panels are edge lit using LED lights installed into an aluminum heat sink extrusion that helps LEDs cool extending their life. By way of a special laser engraving process, the light is cast out evenly across the entire panel surface. Each panel comes with a 5 foot power cable.

Lighted area is the overall width minus 0.5” for 1 edge lit panels, and minus 1” for 2 edge lit panels.  length for a 2 edge lit panel is length minus 0.125”(for wiring crossover).

An optional diffuser panel is available as an .060” milky white acrylic sheet. (A second diffuser can be added instead of the styrene backer for two sided applications)

Power Supplies
Standard power supply is a 12vdc, 60 watt plug and play with a 2.1mm barrel connector. A 24w supply for small panels, and 90w supplies are also available.

Typical Brightness
(8mm panel measured at panel surface.)
12” wide 2 edge lit panel is ~ 5000Lux
24” wide 2 edge lit panel is ~ 2700Lux
36” wide 2 edge lit panel is ~ 2100Lux
48” wide 2 edge lit panel is ~ 1600Lux

UL cUL File #E480375