Custom Retail Fixtures and Millwork

Custom Retail Fixtures

Silver Star Industries specializes in manufacturing custom retail fixtures. These cabinets are a perfect example of bringing together CNC machining, millwork, metal components, and finish for a beautiful final product. 

In this project, Luke Bumala worked closely with the customer to draw 3d parts and renderings. Once the customer has a good picture of the final project, Luke works closely with our metal department to fabricate metal components. Luke will also work closely with our millwork and assembly to see all the pieces come together. Lastly, the fixture will be brought to completion at our finish booth. For more information on our customer driven project management view our Project Manager video.

From CAD to Metal to Final Products

Silver Star’s capacity to bring together so many dynamic components allows us to deliver exactly what a customer imagines. Our project managers are able to create 3D renderings to finalize the finished product with the customer, and then work with multiple departments to make manufacturing complex and intricate custom retail fixtures an easy process with a quick lead time, and everything centers around the imagination of the customer.

Complexity is easy when manufacturing is a passion. Lean and 5s systems are the blood stream of our production floor and system management. Silver Star has continued to improve its production chain for the past 30 years. From a handful of carpenters doing millwork for local banks and retailers, to 100+ employees with multiple departments and manufacturing capabilities, executing custom retail fixtures for complex store interiors and nationwide roll outs for top retailers like Ben BridgeMetalsmithsTheoryHudson Group, and many others.

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